Neumann KH 120 vs KS Digital 60 vs Amphion One15 vs ATC Scm11

It was time for new studio monitors, after 16 years my old ones were dying on me. After a little online research and talking to
friends, I decided to bring the Neumann KH 120 and the KS Digital 60 to test. Both systems were an enormous improvement compared to my
previous situation and surprised me, for their small size. While the sound of the KH 120 was very attached to the speakers, the KSD 60
weren't attached at all and create a pleasant stereo image. In the bass area, if you can call it "bass" in a 5-inch, they were also more
defined and I already saw them in the lead. So I started to produce a song on them and sadly he did not sound like it was on my usual
equipment (car, headphone, PA ..) and somehow after some more editing the translation was still difficult. So I thought about checking
the KH 120 again, but both systems did not make me really happy. So I ordered a third one, the Amphion One15, which is a lot more expensive, but should be worth. In fact, the Amphion left
the other two behind. I have experienced quite new details and a wonderful stereo image. When I tried some soundeffects with lots of
low-ends, I was missing the pressure and bass completely. Also with music it was not better. With these boxes, I would need a sub-woofer
directly, since down there was really nothing. Also, loud listening was hardly possible, they quickly began to distort and were also
around a few dB quieter than the other boxes, so that I had to them down to compare.
Now I no longer knew what to do and since I was recommended the ATCs SCM12 / 11 by Apke Tontechnik, I gave it a try. These are even
somewhat cheaper than the Amphion, but still significantly more expensive than the other two, especially since just like the Amphion,
an amplifier has to be connected because they are passive. But the ATCs have completely convinced me, have everything I wanted, are very detailed, supreme in the stereo image, very clear and
powerful, but still pleasant to use. For the first time I didn't feel there is room for upgrade. The decission was not difficult and
now they are here with me in the studio. At least for the next 16 years.

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